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FUCK! Italian pInot Noir is good!

2018 Alto Adige Pinot Nero Kellerei Cantina Terlan DOC This might be one of the prettiest wines I’ve tasted in 2020. The nose is quartet....

PLAYLIST - New Wave, Nat Wine

DrinkMe “Nat Cool” 2018 Neipoort Baga and Modern New Wave Why yes, it has been sometime since I last gave you an attempt at an amusing...

2019 Chappellet Chenin Blanc

A vibrant summertime wine. Notes of white peach compliment conversing with friends about overthrowing the man....

B Sides Episode 11

Something about Phosphorescent and white wine and white heat? IDK

B Sides Episode 10

It’s fun what isolation does for the brain… “Everything that happens is from now"

B Sides Episode 9

A thank you, and Los Angeles by X... Also thank you to X for Los Angeles

B Sides Episode 8

More Spanish wine and a new M. Ward album, no complaints to be had here.

B Sides Episode 7

Look there is Flawed wine and there is bad wine... and there is Oliver Tree.

B Sides Episode 6

Turns out I did learn something in high school Spanish… who knew I just apply it to drinking.

B Sides Episode 5

Do you speak French? Because I don’t. Do you like mysteries? I do and this wine presented me with a few.


My first short film. Please enjoy.

B Sides Episode 4

Badia a Coltibuono Cetamura Chiant, DOCG, Gorillaz, and Vampire Weekend’s “This Life” Chianti, in its various styles.. is one of my favorite

B Sides Episode 3 is safe to infer that I may know a thing or two about said varietal from said region. I like to believe I do...

B Side Episode 2

Off the bat… tortilla chips are becoming my palette cleanser between tastings, love it.

B Sides Episode 1 alternative to starting a fifth watching of The Office since these quarantine times started... B Sides

4 Bars in New York

Or... me rambling on bar napkins in The Bowery Below are bar napkin scribblings as I wandered The Bowery and East Village so take it this...

Gin & Tonic and The Beginning

Or The Bombay Manifesto… Welcome and thank you. The fact that you are reading this is huge. On the internet there are an infinite number...

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