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PLAYLIST - New Wave, Nat Wine

DrinkMe “Nat Cool” 2018 Neipoort Baga and Modern New Wave

Why yes, it has been sometime since I last gave you an attempt at an amusing opinion on a wine or record or an album or whatever it is that I try to do here. However, I’m back again with a fun wine and a concept that I have been trying to get together for quite some time now. Why the fuck do “Natural” wines and modern New Wave rock/ Indie go so fucking well together?!

Today’s post is something new. Today is a PLAYLIST. To the right, you are going to see the wine I am drinking and a playlist that goes along with the concept I’m trying to convey. There will still be tasting notes and notes about the music itself. However, I’ve been trying to connect these ideas for some time, and I think this might be the best way to do it.

So, as always, pull the cork and press play. Let’s get at it.


Today’s we have an interesting wine from Neipoort, which is a famous and incredible port producer from Portugal. Since 1842, this FAMILY owned and run winery has been nothing short of remarkable with any of their wines they turn out from the Douro region. I encourage you to read up on them, especially while sampling some of their ports; tawny port is some of my favorite post dinner indulgences. I’ll skip dessert, let me drink. (maybe I’ll add the picture of me drinking port in Portugal on a family vacation, absolutely trashed but sitting like a King none-the-less)

This wine, however, is of their still wine project. A natural wine; A wine with minimal influence in terms of growing, winemaking, and cellaring. This method often leads to effervescent wines and at times “Pet-Nats” that are natural Sparkling wines, typically possessing earthy, yeasty notes, as well as bright acid. To me these wines can swing one of two ways: super interesting or funky fucked beyond drinking. This Baga based beauty from Bairrada is on the former side, not the latter.

The nose on this wine is fucking wild. It doesn’t jump out of the glass as much as it runs full force at you. This crazy amalgamation of watermelon, lime, and lemon rind comes out first, followed by some interesting yeast and mushroom, finally a mysterious herbal note that I can best describe, though still incorrectly, as coriander. It is as fascinating as it is confusing; not dissimilar to idea that when you really think about it… you’re never ready for another person’s laugh when you meet them for the first time.

The palate compounds on the confusing because of how silky it is. Soft tannins that you can expect from a Natural wine with minimal extraction time and the clear acid of the chalky soil it is grown in, however, another mysterious red fruit is prominent; not quite red nectarine and not quite fig and not quite plum. Another sip and suddenly cranberry and raspberry come skating through and wave hello with a fried green tomato, and you’re left thinking, “well I guess I’m just gonna have to keep drinking this 1 LITER bottle until I get to the “bottom” of this mystery”.

It is a legitimately fun wine that is easy to drink and keeps you interested all the way through.

Music/Why you Should drink Natural wines while listening to New Wave music.

In the last few years, I have come across a handful of new bands doing a very fascinating version of New Wave. Stuff that is spacey but grounded in real concepts. Stuff that is moving and fun but has an underlying current of melancholy. Stuff that finds and captures what I feel it is like to be a millennial in a world that is in constant rejection. YOU KNOW, THE FUN STUFF! These bands can also be classified as “Post-Punk,” but I’m not going to draw that line tonight, for it is guitar string narrow.

Bands that include: Flasher, Surf Rock Is Dead, Idles, and Parquet Courts, are just a few that I hope you are listening to, via the playlist I have created for us. There is one band that I found over the course of research for this article called: TROPICAL FUCK STORM, that you can bet your ass I’m going to do a deep dive into; just based on the name alone. These bands with their varying degrees of intensity and darkness all drive toward a similar point of Venn diagram intersection; where the sound of the band is as representative of the lyrics being presented. That’s to say the sound is as natural as what they are singing.

This is the reason I think Natural wines consistently compliment and pair so well with these bands. Everything about these wines are born of the soil and yeast and the climate, and the winemaker is only an instrument by which to convey what the grapes will become. There is an argument with this concept that a number of wines are made in this fashion and there are a number of bands that are a perfect natural extension of their environment; best example is something I heard about Black Sabbath years ago which was that their sound is Heavy Metal because of the town they are from which is based around a steel factory. I can appreciate that argument just as much as the one I am making here. However, natural wines are coming into their own, just as these bands are doing the same. This is a generation (and I’m part of it) that was presented one set of ideals and realized that the world is very different (I could go into detail on this but I’m already rambling enough) From that rose a demand for authenticity, genuine products that do not present themselves as something they are not. Thus, natural wines and this new wave work hand in hand.

I’m not sure if this fully encapsulates what I am trying to express about New, New-wave/Post-punk but it is a start. I’m sure as time passes and I drink a bit more, these thoughts will align more clearly.

Thanks for indulging in my madness, Cheers!

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