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Gin & Tonic and The Beginning

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

Or The Bombay Manifesto…

Welcome and thank you. The fact that you are reading this is huge. On the internet there are an infinite number of voices, with an infinite number of opinions, all claiming to be unique. They’re not. However…This blog!

This blog will be a completely new experience! A new paradigm in the world of blogs, alcoholic beverages, and the world of music. A blog that will shake heaven and earth and rattle the vast infinite of fucking space. A blog that will rival THE BIG BANG. At least in theory…

But probably not…


This blog will serve as a vessel for my voice on two subjects that I am very passionate about: Alcohol (mainly wine) and records. The general goal of each post will be to pair the two together. I’m sure you’re like me...... otherwise why the fuck are you here? Perhaps you are one of my family members who pity me? Just kidding Mom and Dad, I know you “love us both equally” … well this got weirdly personal… what was I talking about?

The best nights that most of us have spent are spent drinking incredible wines or spirits or beers and listening to equally incredible music or records or albums. They’re inextricable from each other.

So... who am I? Well, for the purposes of this blog my name is Nicholas Erik. I am what a marketing exec would like to call a “millennial”. I hate that term, but fuck it. I have been in the wine industry for some time... over ten years. I am a music nerd. I play multiple instruments. My dad and I had a game when I was young, where we would sit in the backyard at night and listen to the radio. It was mostly 70s and 80s music. The goal was to name not only the song but the artist and album, and any other subsequent information; musicians, producers, etc. My dad had two major advantages: 1) the fact he was older and had been listening to these songs for a lot, lot longer, 2) he was a DJ in the Venture area… so yeah. I was outmatched. BUT WITH TIME I BEGAN TO PREVAIL! Basically, it was like that Jamie Foxx game show… he might have even stolen the idea from us, who’s to say.

Me me me me me. What about you? First for all, thank you for getting this far. Pat yourself on the back. You’re probably asking yourself: “Why should I care?”.

Because it’s something new. Something fun. Something you might… find yourself falling in love with, maybe even with me…

You may be asking yourselves, "Aren't you going to just be adding to the internet noise?"

Yes, you are correct. I am going to add to the noise that is music reviews, and wine reviews, and spirits reviews, and general internet noise but, with a little luck, it’s in a way that you’ll care about. You didn’t sit through all this fucking nonsense for no reason.

Follow me on this weird journey as we discovering what makes great spirits or great wine or a great album and what makes them great together. This is Nicholas Erik saying, something...

I really have to work on that sign off…

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