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B Sides Episode 9

A thank you, and Los Angeles by X... Also thank you to X for Los Angeles

Before getting into the wine, I want to say that this has been a fun way to kick my ass into gear. I hope you have had as much fun reading these, as I have had fun writing them. Thank you to those who have taken the time to read any my reviews over the past week or so. I have another case lined up and I’m much more excited about these wines.



I am never one to prophetically scream about how much greater vinyl is than digital. I believe it is contextual and there are pros and cons to each. Obviously, writing a blog with word SPIN in the fucking title, I lean more toward the vinyl than the digital. With that being said, I put on X’s Los Angeles the other night. This original pressing sits at the very end of my (alphabetized) collection, so I walk past it constantly; “fuck it, let’s put this on.”

I haven’t been this blown away by sound in a long time! I remember growing up on this album, but it was on CD and I thought nothing of it. The album came out in 1980 in the underground LA punk scene, sure it’s not going have a decent production, Lo-fi for the win! The shitty thing that dawned on me is that I can’t remember the last time I spun this record. I can’t remember and I don’t remember it sounding this good. The room was filled with sound. Exene Cervenka’s vocals soaring over the top of John Doe’s voice, his bass rumbling the floor, Billy Zoom’s guitar trying to take the paneling off the walls, and D.J. Bonebrake’s drums shaking the fucking floor. I was stunned to say the least.

This was truly a moment that I had to preach vinyl being better than the digital versions. I will probably do deeper write up on this album in the future but for now...




The final wine I am reviewing from the Gary’s Wine Market Discover Case is a 2016 Selbach Piesporter Riesling. It is yet another wine where the research is difficult, and information is seeming to be on every other version of this wine and not this particular one. I can tell you it is made by J&H Selbach from grapes from the Mosel region in Germany. The Mosel makes some incredible wines and I usually love wine from this area. J&H Selbach owns about 51acres across the Mosel, this wine is coming from Piesporter which is on the north bank of the Mosel as opposed to south bank where their vineyards lie.

On the nose there are interesting notes of honey, white flowers, and white pepper. There is that classic cold weather smell while showcasing some bright mango. What is missing is the traditional descriptor of Riesling: petrol.

The palate has a medium sweetness with some decent acid. I noticed that as the wine warmed in the glass and opened, that the nose smelled sweeter and that sweetness was reflected in the palate more and more. There are notes of over ripe green apple, baking spice and then a long cloying finish.

I want to say more about this wine, but it was just unremarkable. It was not bad, but it was not interesting either. There are far better Rieslings that come out of this region and I think it would be easy to find one that isn’t this.

Until next time, Cheers!

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