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B Sides Episode 4

Badia a Coltibuono Cetamura Chiant, DOCG, Gorillaz, and Vampire Weekend’s “This Life”

Be warned… There is a lot of chicken parm talk in the following. Maybe have chicken parm in front of you; as a sandwich or not, that is up to you.



Chianti, in its various states, styles, and structures is one of my favorite wines. I always find it be fun and complex and something pairs with most of the dishes I cook because most of my favorite dishes to cook are Italian. A great Chianti with fucking chicken parm! I dare you to tell me a better pairing. My first post (currently only pairing post, I promise there are more coming) is about Chianti.

Tonight’s wine is from Badia a Coltibuono. A 2018 that they named Cetamura. According to their website “Cetamura is the name of an Etruscan settlement on the Badia a Coltibuono property.” It is also DOCG, Denominazione di origine controllata e garantita; one of the top designations for Chianti wines. These are what I recommend most as they are the best bang for their buck. Just look for the black cock…. rooster… black rooster on the band along the neck of the bottle.

Pouring the first glass and the classic cranberry smell explodes out of the glass. The nose on this wine is divine. Diving in (I wish I could swim in a pool of this) it is bursting with interesting notes. Tobacco, sweet berries, basil, black pepper, and this thyme, vanilla thing that makes it even smell creamy. Letting it open leads me to notes of tomato paste, thus supporting what I am now calling “The Chicken Parm Theory”. The palate is just as exciting and pleasing. Bright juicy acid, that cranberry and tart strawberry. The creamy mid-palate is complimented by savory herbs. This wine is so good! It makes me happy. It makes me angry I don’t have Chicken Parm in front of me!

These wines are endlessly complex and fun to drink which is why I love drinking them. I know everyone says their wines are “Food Friendly”. That’s bullshit. We find foods to go with them; it’s just confirmation bias. However, Chianti is vastly more food friendly than a lot of wines. I love Cabernet Sauvignon but it is an ebelskiver pan; it has a very specific use and you can get away with a handful of experiments with it. Chianti is that great 12 inch All Clad pan that does everything!



Remember Gorillaz. They had a few big hits over the years. I’m a fan of theirs. Plastic Beach is beautiful and ambitious, especially coming off their most commercial success of Demon Days. Well, they have a few new tracks out that I’m really enjoying. The first being my favorite “Momentary Bliss”. Check it out.

The other thing I wanted to talk about is Vampire Weekend’s “This Life”. I like this song. I like the new album. But something struck me today while listening to in the car: It feels like a song that comes on at the end of a Nora Ephron or Nancy Meyers movie or something during feel good comedy montage happens to. Like Abigail Breslin should be dancing around to it while the credits roll. Shit like that. Do you feel the same way? Am I nuts?

Until next time, Cheers. (also, I need to work on a better sign off)

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