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B Sides Episode 11

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Horse & Plow 2018 “Draft Horse” California White Wine & Phosphorescent’s C’est La Vie

Something about Phosphorescent and white wine and white heat? IDK



I’ll make this short so it doesn’t become one of those recipe reads where they give you their family medical history before telling you how to make kibbeh; btw kibbeh is fucking delicious and you should have it asap.

Discovering music is one of my favorite things. Most of the time it is at my desk while drinking my first coffee and going through the first emails; music discovery balances these mundane tasks. When I discovered Phosphorescent, I don’t think I could have been further from that world. I was in Colorado visiting friends and was taking a walk along the base of the mountain range. Headphones on and going through a Spotify “weekly discover playlist” when “New Birth in New England” came on. I stopped for a second, looked around, and then began dancing down the trail.

Phosphorescent is the stage name by which singer-songwriter Matthew Houck goes by and has been making music under since 2003. C’est La Vie is his most recent album and was as well received as all his previous albums; I’m talking about this one as it was the first I listened to. The instrumental textures are wide, spacious and soothing and complimented with this interesting dance groove that make for deeper songs. His voice is ever present, and the album does a great job of holding attention.



Horse & Plow began in 2008 with the goal of bringing the best techniques of the old and the new world. On their website and press material they place heavy emphasis on being certified organic and/or biodynamic as well as “no GMOs, vegan, and almost no sulfates.” Stating, “These sustainable practices allow us to craft wines with greater complexity and sense of place, while caring for worker health and the environment.” My opinion on these techniques is more complex than I want to go into right now so I will simply say: judge the wine, not the farming.

This white wine blend of 48% Pinot Blanc, 21% Pinot Gris, 19% Riesling, 12% Gewurztraminer is assembled from various vineyards all over the North Coast. The lots are all fermented separately in either French oak or stainless steel. The nose and palate are near mirror images of each other: green apple, fresh honey, and lychee. The acid is medium plus with a nice weight to it. This is a solid white wine that goes well with cheese, light fish dishes, or even tortilla chips.

Until next time, cheers!

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